Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By Premium Pressure Washing


Premium Pressure Washing has earned a reputation as pressure washing professionals because of the superior service that we provide. This includes answering any questions that you may have about your exterior cleaning needs.

What's The Difference Between Pressure Washing And Soft Washing?

Although every industry professional knows the difference between pressure washing and soft washing, not all of them use the latter. Pressure washing is the standard method for exterior cleaning that uses a high-velocity water stream, while soft washing uses cleaning solutions. Soft washing is better for more delicate surfaces, and the process is safe but still effective. Avoid working with companies that don't use soft washing for areas like roofing or siding.

Is It Safe To Use High Pressure Washing On My Deck?

A vital part of maintaining your deck is keeping it clean. In fact, deck restoration begins by cleaning the surface before applying a stain. However, the method used to clean it depends on the material. Softer woods require soft washing, and less sensitive materials can take pressure washing.

I Have Old, Set In Stains. Does Your Service Clean Those Up?

Pressure and soft washing are useful techniques that can have great success in removing old, stubborn stains. In some instances, the stains may be too set in, especially after years of being baked in direct sunlight. However, our exterior cleaning procedures can help significantly reduce the visibility and clean the surrounding area enough to make the stain much less noticeable.

Are Your Cleaning Methods Or Chemicals Environmentally Safe?

One reason homeowners should feel good about hiring a pressure washer is that the techniques are better for the environment. Eliminating the need for harsh chemicals that negatively impact the environment is always a smart choice to make.


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