Go-To Calcite Removal & Cleaning For Properties in Hampton Roads

Calcite Removal

Premium Pressure Washing is known for quality exterior cleaning for Virginia Beach customers, including stubborn calcite removal. While plenty of companies offer standard cleaning from pressure washing (blue), we're taking on the tougher jobs.

You need a professional working for you that's dedicated to superior service and results. No one wants the white residue on the exterior of their home or commercial building.

However, finding a way to rid the surface of this stubborn mineral deposit is tricky. Calcite removal is not a DIY job or the type of service that you can leave to power washers that don't know how to handle tough jobs.

The Pros Know: Dealing With Calcite Removal

When you hire a run of the mill pressure washing contractor, you can expect a clean exterior for your home or business. A particularly skilled one will be able to safely and effectively clean without damaging the outside of your property.

However, the upper echelon of the pressure washing tier is the type of exterior cleaning superhero that can handle calcite removal - that's where you'll find us. Some things you should know about calcite and the removal process:

  • A common cause of white deposits on materials like brick
  • Standard power washing isn't enough
  • Scrubbing doesn't always work and may damage aged brick
  • Can tarnish historic homes with masonry work
  • It's unsightly and lowers the property value

Unlike standard dirt, calcite is a type of deposit and stain. The removal of this mineral is often required for restoration work.

However, it takes a trained and experienced industry expert to deal with it. When your calcite stains don't budge, get in touch with our pros for superior results.

Preventing and Eliminating Efflorescence

At Premium Pressure Washing, we want to help to educate our customers. If we can help you prevent the formation of efflorescence, then you can focus on calling us in for standard power washing services.

  • Eves and Overhangs Help with Prevention
  • Create Water Runoff for Landscaping
  • Avoid Setting Sprinklers Close to Home
  • Use Surface Sealer for Masonry
  • Grout Quality Makes a Difference

Calcite can only form where water and salt deposits are allowed to come in contact with the brick. If you can't prevent this from happening entirely, at least minimize it.

When you notice it beginning to take hold, that's the time to take action. The sooner that you call us for professional cleaning, the better off you'll be.

Call us now and schedule your calcite removal service in Virginia Beach or nearby areas.


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