Keep Your Hampton Roads Commercial Vehicles Looking Their Best With Fleet Washing

Fleet Washing

Premium Pressure Washing is honored to be a preferred service provider for fleet washing in Newport News. As a locally owned business, it gives us great pride to help other companies with tasks like pressure washing that support their business.

Your fleet helps with better productivity, improving your brand image, and customer satisfaction. We want you to focus on your company's daily operations and leave tasks like fleet washing to us.

Clean company vehicles help you put your best foot forward, making a good impression with your clients. However, it also helps your drivers have better morale, and that's a win-win for your company and revenue.

Leave the Cleaning to us for Your Fleet Washing Needs

When you realize you'd be better off hiring a pressure washing contractor for a task like fleet washing, do you know how it will help? More companies would get serious about using regular cleaning from a professional for their company vehicles if they could see the value and benefits.

  • Save You Time
  • Reduce Mechanical Issues
  • Let Employees Focus on Job
  • Logo Visibility
  • Positive Brand Image

The great thing about a fleet is that it's also an opportunity to advertise. However, if your cars, trucks, or vans are covered in dirt, you're sending out a message about your brand; that's not what you hoped for.

You can do more harm than good with a filthy brand logo and image. Instead of delegating the task to your already overworked team members, let our crew handle it for you.

Taking Care of Your Fleet so You Keep Taking Care of Business

Fleet vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. You may have any of the following types of vehicles in your fleet that need regular maintenance: cleaning:

  • Standard Cars
  • Utility Trucks
  • Buses or RVs
  • Dump Trucks
  • Passenger Vans
  • Semi-Trucks

The outside of these automobiles will become dirty over time, even from standard daily driving. Do you want your potential customers to see one of your company fleet vehicles covered in mud, bird dropping, tar, or other substances?

Keep your company logo clean, visible, and ready to impress the public. We're prepared to handle the tough job of keeping your vehicles looking the very best.

The rest of running your business, generating revenue, and making a good impression is up to you. However, we're here to help with your image on the open road.

Call Premium Pressure Washing now, and schedule your fleet washing in Newport News.


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