What's The Difference Between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing?

Surface Cleaning

At one time, pressure washing was the only approach companies used for exterior cleaning services. Unfortunately, these days, there are still some so-called pros who still use only the power washing method.

Throughout the years, we've learned that washing the outside of a home or business is more complicated than using a one-size-fits-all approach. Various materials and specific surfaces aren't suitable for the harsh water spray that pressure washing uses, and that's where soft washing comes into the picture.

As the property owner, you want what's best for your home. So even though exterior washing should be left to the experts, you should still know enough about the services to make the appropriate choice for your home.

Dramatic Results Without Damaging Your Home

There's still a lot to be said about the effectiveness of power washing. What's critical to realize is that there are times and places for pressure or soft washing.

It's also a good idea to point out that although the terms are commonly used interchangeably, power washing and pressure washing technically mean different things. Power washing uses hot water and a heavier duty machine than pressure washing.

The variances between either of those options and soft washing are more noticeably different.

  • Absence of high-velocity water stream
  • Solution-based cleaning approach
  • Water used only for rinsing
  • Destroys contaminants at a molecular level
  • Won't strip protective coatings

You may even notice your technician using pressure washing equipment as part of your soft washing service. It's important to understand the PSI is set lower than with traditional power washing, and it's to rinse the exterior instead of clean it.

Why Exterior Cleaning Should be Left to Industry Experts

Now, the other primary concern - what about DIY? Can a property owner do their own power, pressure, or soft washing?

If you want to avoid issues like:

  • Property Damage
  • Personal Injuries
  • Shoddy Cleaning
  • Inconsistent Cleaning
  • Messy Work
  • Time-Consuming Project

Then it's better to leave the work to certified, licensed, and insured experts. You can technically find exterior cleaning equipment for rent or sale at your local home improvement store.

Unfortunately, watching a tutorial online doesn't replace years of training and hands-on experience. You're not saving enough money to make it worth turning this into a DIY task.

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